Jack Frost – love his looks, but hate him

You have to admit, winter is far more appealing visually than physically. I used to have to this girlhood fantasy of Jack Frost being this totally hot (is that anti-pun?) guy; I have no idea why, just that this personification of winter struck me as very aloof and, consequently, intriguing. O, you poor stupid eleven year old me. I can scoff now. (Actually no, I can’t, if a book or movie were to be made now, with the central character being this very personification behaving in such an attractively aloof manner I would start salivating, declare imaginary marriage to this character, and growl at any other woman who dared to confess her lust for him.)

And also, why would Jack Frost, being the personification of winter, bundle himself up in warm clothing?

He IS winter. So he doesn’t need protection from it! Pfft! It would make much more sense if he just went around, wearing a bare minimum, like this:

(And check out those eyes, talk about haunting)

I mean, looking at Jack Frost isn’t supposed to make you feel all warm and cosy. It should make you feel cold. You should shiver at his appearance. And not in a good way.

Anyway, I came out of my hole yesterday morning to find the front yard covered in frost. Not snow. Just a thin layer, of crunchy, prickly, sparkling, finger-and-toe-numbing frost. Frost that crunched oh so deliciously underfoot.

Just a few more pictures below to capture the frosty perfection that is winter here. My photography skills lack that little something and so do not do justice to that frosty perfection which I tried to capture. I shall blame it on the fact that it’s just a crappy little digital camera, nothing flash. Student life can be so constrictive.

(Those aren’t furry leaves, those are frosty leaves!)

(There is nothing that signifies winter more than the sight of bare branches.)

(That white stuff is frost people! I wanted to catch the shine left by the sun glancing off it but I couldn’t. *tear*)

See? Pretty, right? Well, I thought so. The only downside was that by the time I went back inside, the hand that had been holding the camera was as numb as Lord Voldermort’s heart. Thereby emphasizing the fact that winter is only appealing to the eyes.


2 thoughts on “Jack Frost – love his looks, but hate him

  1. loving the photos!!! You're quite the photographer! I want to go around just taking photos randomly for an entire day .. one day! Your lawn looks huge too! & we haven't had any frost on our lawn yet .. & I have to admit, I actually haven't heard of Jack Frost until you mentioned him! Totally agree about him being clothed. He should be naked, instead of dressing all anti cold.


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