Blow, blow, soft winds

Lately I’ve been telling myself that I should expand my musical horizons. In other words, listen to things I don’t normally listen to. I love listening to all kinds of music, no matter what label or category they fall into. Last week or so I came across a CD of Dinah Washington’s. I listened to it and fell in love with the first song, ‘Soft Winds’.

It’s simple but poetic. And her voice is the kind you could listen to all day. I could, anyway. There is something so sad about this song, and yet it has a ring of optimism to it as well.


2 thoughts on “Blow, blow, soft winds

  1. I am so enjoying reading your blog posts!!:)

    I remember first hearing Dinah Washington on a cd series called Verve Remixed. The concept was to take great jazz songs and give them a “chill” sound with cool remixing. But I loved her voice so much I decided to check out her sound on her original recordings and you are so right…you COULD listen to her voice all day!

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!


  2. Thank you!

    Oh, I might have check that out. I'm in awe of jazz, as a lot of it is impromptu playing and I feel I have to worship the musicians.

    Yeah, I've been listening to it over and over again.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂


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