Tagged Again

Dear Reader,

I got tagged again by Bookgirl from Random Thoughts. As I’ve already posted up the rules before I’m 
not going to post them again. She’s got some interesting questions, so here goes:  

1) What is your weirdest habit?
Hmm, my weirdest habit. Ok, so don’t judge me. I know you should respect books, and I DO! But I have this odd thing going on with paperbacks. While I read, I use my right hand to sort of roll the pages and the cover together so they make this squeaky sound (but ‘paper’ squeaky) as the pages rub against each other. I did it almost every time I read a paperback in highschool. It’s decreased now, but I still do it once in awhile. It doesn’t damage the books, or the leaves, or anything; it’s just so oddly satisfying to me when I heart that noise. Is that weird enough for you? Also:

2) What is your favorite childhood memory?
 I guess it would have to be the times when I was just playing with my brother and sister. There are only three of us, and huge age gap between the first two and the last but we still managed to make it work. The best thing was we always used our imagination to the utmost. And it seems a lot of our afternoons were spent on ships at sea. 

3) If you could learn one unusual skill, what would it be and why?
 Well, I do like ships, and I especially love the ships in bottles, so if I could learn to do that I would be one happy chicky. Although I also want to learn to play the harp. So whichever comes my way first, then. 

4) What would be your ideal outfit?
 Answered this in the last tag 😉
Cloche hat, rock n roll style dress (with the tiny waist & puffy skirt), 1940s pump heels. And of course, it goes without saying that red lipstick would be vital to top off this outfit. 

5) Do you love chocolate, and if not, WHY NOT?
 Uh, YES. How can you not? But I must say I’m learning not to give into temptation so easily as I used to. 

6) Describe your ideal theme  park ride.
 Ok, confession I’ve never been on a theme park ride! Well, not at an actual one, anyway. I remember going on this go-cart thing, but that was at a zoo, where they had a little amusement park thing for the kids. So I guess I’ll just have to be boring and say roller coaster because I’ve always wondered how that would feel. 

7) What is your favorite time of day?
 In the morning, when the sun is just come with nobody but me awake, and everything is quiet and clean and just seems to be holding its breath. Very soothing. 

8) If you could be any bird, what bird would you want to be? (Imaginary birds are allowed, but you have to describe them)
 I’ve always LOVED eagles. Or hawks (What’s the difference?!) They seem to be very majestic birds to me, almost regal-like in the way they hold themselves. So aesthetically I’d want to be an eagle (though they’re quite ruthless in killing their prey, aren’t they?) 
If I had to pick an imaginary bird, it would have to be a phoneix! Yaay!! Aesthetically, it beats the eagles & and hawks hands down (sorry, dudes). Although the fact that it can be born again and again and AGAIN isn’t all that appealing. Every story needs an ending. 

9) If you could meet anyone, fictional or real, for lunch, who are they and what would you eat?
 Well, at the moment I am on a bit of Sherlock Holmes rage, so I would like to say him, but I think he could be a very tiresome companion. At the same time, he’s also quite pleasant when he chooses to be, and the conversation would definitely be interesting. As to what we would eat, does Holmes actually eat? Hmm, that is the question. 


10)  Why do you blog?

Well, as I say in the little ‘About Me’ section, I can be an obsessive fan girl about a lot of things, and this often leaves me with a lot to say about what I am obsessing over at the current time. In that sense, this blog provides me with the space to do just that. I can rant as much as I like. But more than that, it’s also a way of helping me to order my thoughts, and be a little more critical and analytical about what I am reading and watching. It’s place for collection of thoughts, and I’m the type who likes collecting thoughts. 


11) If someone called you crazy, what would you say to them?
Aren’t we all? 

(The answer is yes.)

  Lady Disdain 

P.S. I’ve run out of people to tag, so I’ll leave it there, methinks.  

2 thoughts on “Tagged Again

  1. Thanks so much for answering my questions. They were really good answers. (Sherlock Holmes does eat sometimes, I know for a fact.) I loved how you described your favorite time of day.


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