v. To place in cover or shelter; to protect; to hide. 

v. Establish oneself safely, or snugly. 

   Sometimes when I’m eating an apple, I take that perfect bite. I don’t mean perfect in taste, but perfect in the angle at which I’ve bitten. A perfect angle so that the seeds of the apple inside are revealed, but not fully. Most of the apple is yet to be eaten, and the seeds are for the most part, hidden. They are safe. Ensconced. And sometimes I pause to take another look. Because they seem so secure, so snug. It seems cool and comfortable in there, cosy. As if nothing could hurt them. But that isn’t true. Because after some seconds of staring at this half-eaten apple in my hand I take another bite. And another. And sometimes the seeds fall out. Bite by bite, I work away at their enclosure. One, two, three seeds fall out. And the last seed, he is left all alone. One more bite, I’m done. And I throw away the core.


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