The Story of a Kiss

   I was reading an article that Isabel Allende wrote titled “The Short Story” in which she talks about the power of storytelling and  the importance of stories, no matter what their form. Here’s a paragraph which embodies this (and will make you chuckle at the same time): 

   “I remember a famous series called “Nino” in the 1960s. It was not the usual corny plot of a millionaire in love with a beautiful orphan with big breasts and no money. In this case, Nino was a butcher, and his girlfriend was a teacher with rather small tits. After 275 agonizing chapters, they finally kissed. I saw the kiss nine times because, upon request from the audience, it was repeated on the next two days. It was on the news in the evening, and that year it won the award for the most exciting image on TV, so they showed it again a few more  times. The kiss lasted approximately three minutes. Three breathtaking, unforgettable minutes. It is more real than any kiss I have ever given or received. If I think of a kiss, I can’t visualize any of the men I have loved. Only Nino with his butcher’s apron and his languid eyes.” 

  The last two lines are kind of bittersweet, but I think it defines clearly  the abilities stories have to invade, and even become, reality. 

     Lady Disdain 


3 thoughts on “The Story of a Kiss

  1. Those last two lines are beautiful (and almost scary, in their own way). I absolutely love it when pieces of fiction become part of my life and are intertwined with particular memories and phases. But yet, as you say, the “invasion of reality” bit is probably something we should be mindful of.


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