Of Parsley and Hysteria

   I have been struck by the Curse of the Stubborn Parsley. 

   You might think I’m making this up, but I’m not. There is a bit of parsley stuck in my throat. And no matter what I try to wash it down with it. Won’t. Move. 

   It’s simply there, making its infernal, prickly presence felt every time I dare to swallow. Which I apparently do a lot more of than I thought I did. All it took was some obstinate herb action to figure it out. It’s ridiculous how that’s all I can think about – a bit of vegetation stuck in my throat. But then, horror of horrors: what if it’s stuck there forever? What if I have to walk around with this bit of prickly parsley stuck in my throat for the rest of my life? 

   It’s just so ridiculous. To be brought down by parsley. 

   On a happier note, I am very speedily nearing the end of “Anna Karenina”. Oh joy! I am so close to the end that I can smell it. And it smells like tragedy because I know how it ends. After all this time. I mean, the enormity of the book alone is enough to warrant loud festivities. 

   But if you’re like me, and started the book, getting way past the halfway point, only to make the colossal mistake of stopping, and then deciding to pick it up after a year and a half and re-reading it – well, you can see why I would be ecstatic. Not only that but I was in a race against the cinemas trying to finish it before the new film came out (and it still hasn’t where I am, so I still WIN). Not that that’s a good reason to finish a book, and it isn’t the only reason. There’s enough in it for me to like (and dislike, and laugh at, and scoff at, but I digress) but it’s a happy occasion for a bookworm whenever a book is adapted to the bigscreen. Even if all you’re going to do afterwards is grumble and complain about how almost everything was a mistake. 

  But! “Anna Karenina”! So near the end! 


    I know, Mrs. B. I can barely contain myself, either. 

  And now for something else that’s pretty up there when it comes to inducing Mrs. Bennet-level hysteria. I happened to be watching Ugly Betty recently when I noticed this:

      Need I even say more? That’s such a dead on resemblance to Sherlock that it’s not even funny. On top of which, a lot of fanart’s been depicting him with wings following “The Reichenbach Fall”, so you can see why I’m a bit of a goner. I’m not the only one seeing this right? Look at it – the coat, the hair, and this was taken several years before as well! Ah! When fictional worlds collide. Such is the exciting life of a fangirl. Envy me. 

    Lady Disdain


4 thoughts on “Of Parsley and Hysteria

  1. Rosemary. That's the worse. To have stuck in your throat I mean. GAH. The agony. And one of those popcorn kernelyshellthingies. It's like death, but worse because it doesn't actually kill you. It just takes over your every thought and turns you into obsessive psychopath. Yeeshk.

    But… that does look like Sherlock. Weirdly like Sherlock. That's almost kinda scary.


  2. Aww Mrs. Bennett! And aww you! I just recovered from a very nasty sore throat myself (the kind where it hurts to even open your mouth and it's like someone is jamming ice picks into your ear canals) so I totally feel you, and I hope that piece of parsley learns some common decency and decides to leave you alone.

    And congratulations on reaching the end of Anna Karenina! Be sure to treat yourself when it's done – finishing that book is a bleeding ACHIEVEMENT. I picked it up when I was 16, went through 300 pages, put it down, and I've never been able to stick with it since, which makes me sad. Even the film release isn't enough motivation at this point.


  3. @nessima: Yeeshk is exactly right. I don't think I ever want to experience that again. Clearly the moral, children, is, chew your herbs well.

    Yes, it's so like Sherlock that it is scary. And exciting. But mostly scary.

    @BAP: Haha, I know! Who knew Mrs. Bennet would appreciate my bookish accomplishments? Ugh – ice picks in your ear canals D: I'm glad you've recovered from that! Ah, it did learn some common decency but only after I chewed on a bazillion crackers to make it go down.

    Thank you! I accept your congratulations! But I haven't yet reached it – got about a few more chapters to go. Ha, imagine if I stopped now. No. That's not even funny. I get it, though. There are so many 'lull' points that you just want to give up. I think I was only able to make it because I've been reading other stuff on the side. It's been a year-long endeavour. SIGH.

    @naida: Yeah, stupid parsley…

    The film reviews look interesting! Though I've heard mixed reviews – not going to stop me, though.


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