From Lizzie to Jane

    No doubt all the Austenites have been keeping up with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and all the fun and awesomeness that came with that bit of creativity. It was a great new platform with which to tell a story that’s already been told a thousand times it seems. And when it ended I felt a bit like a an old soccer ball – a bit deflated, without purpose, and weirdly . . . abandoned. (Issues. I’ve got ’em.) 

   But! Fear no more! Purpose has re-entered my life once again. In the form of…. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre! 

Mr. Collins, he feels me. (Um…)

  Two videos have been released so far. This group is in no way related to the guys who were involved in the LBD, though it’s meant to be in the same universe and Jane talks about how Lizzie was her inspiration for starting a vlog. (Is it weird that a little thrill of delight shot through me while writing that?) 

  Only two episodes so far, but what they have is great and I’m already so excited. I was a little tentative about watching it, but I can see how the Jane of the novel has been translated well into the twenty-first century. What I especially loved about the LBD was the way they wrote in the most significant and recognisable lines from the novel, something which left me very excited and gleeful and fangirling over the writers. And it seems I can expect the same with Jane’s videos as well. 

  Not only that but the quiet, observant and expectant atmosphere of the beginning of the novel is captured very well in the first video. It’s a sort of trailer. I’m kind of in love, I think. It’s Jane. And she’s in our world! Even more real than she was in my imagination. Talking about the same books and hobbies as us. Here, watch and be excited:

I can’t wait for the rest. 

     Lady Disdain 


5 thoughts on “From Lizzie to Jane

  1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is fun, I've watched a few of the episodes. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre looks like a good one too! Happy viewing 🙂 It's so neat to see creative videos such as these.


  2. Wow, this looks quite good. I love Jane Eyre, and I agree that so far I'm excited to see more…thanks SO MUCH for posting about it! I agree that the atmosphere seems akin to the novel. CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE.


  3. Oh but this is wonderful! Count me in. That trailer-thing and her voice just evokes the tone of the novel itself SO so well.

    I was unfortunately unable to really get into the Lizzie Bennett diaries – I absolutely love the concept and execution, but something about it simply didn't click with me. It's fine though, and I'm glad it's done well enough to inspire more stuff like this.

    (I'm also in the middle of replying to your reply to my email so watch that space!).


  4. @Naida: Yes, fun's the very word that captures the whole venture. And I'm so glad that it's spawning these spin-offs 😀

    @Victoria: Me, too! I adore this novel and I can't wait to see where they go with this. I can see lots and lots of possibilities! *drool*

    @BAP: Yes, that's what pulled me in, too, the fact that it looked like they were keeping with the spirit of the novel.

    Ah, that's too bad, but I've heard several people say the same thing about the Lizzie diaries – not everyone's cup of tea. But I'm glad that you like Jane's! And I hope you continue to enjoy them. I just wish they'd update more often, but ah well.

    (Got your email. So much more delicious stuff! You can await my reply, m'lady.)


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