Coming Out from Under the Boardwalk

   So you know how there are those times when the terms ‘wrung out sponge’ or ‘limp noodle’ just don’t begin to cover how you’re feeling? Yeah, I had a bit of that. Or a lot of that. I went straight past ‘limp’ and reached ‘snapped’.  And you can’t really begin to describe it so you have to resort to gif usage? 

   And I’m always going on about how I would love to just drop off the face of the earth, maybe find a nice, warm cave (or hobbit hole! Yes please!) to hibernate in. But the thing is, it turns out you don’t really need a cave or a hobbit hole to do that. Just shutting yourself up in your room accomplishes that apparently. And boy did I accomplish. 

   No doubt we’ve all been there – those times when you’d rather just crawl somewhere, maybe find some cool shade under a boardwalk, where you can hide away from people while Bruce Willis croons to you and lulls you into a false sense of security. You didn’t know that he could croon? Oh, he croons!

   Told you he croons.  I don’t how many times I’ve had that song on repeat in the past week. Enough for me to realize that I should probably stop hiding away like a miserable slug. So. Miserable sluggishness begone! (Ha. If only.) 

   Another bit of excitement to dispel the sluggishness: more Jane Eyre vlog updates! 

   Yeah, baby! 

  Also, it was the episode. The one where she meets the crazy stranger on the road. Yup. You can bet that the internet’s going crazy. 

  Seriously. I wasn’t expecting Rochester to own any item of clothing that might get him mistaken for either Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee. Or both.

Also, his dog Pilot has a twitter account where he shares jewels like these:

    Needless to say I am loving this new life that Bronte’s book’s being injected with. And you should go love it, too. I’m just saying.

     Lady Disdain


6 thoughts on “Coming Out from Under the Boardwalk

  1. Hi Lady Disdain. I could use a nice little hobbit hole to hide away for some peace and quiet in for a little while myself.
    That is that good 'ol Bruce! I didn't know he sang like that!
    I've actually just bought a copy of Jane Eyre, finally. I hope to read it next month.


  2. Sorry I got to this so late, I hope you're feeling better now. 😦 We all get in those ruts sometimes and you deserve to take as much time as you need to pull yourself out – just know that we're always here to support you, I'm just a message away! Anyway, as a huge fan of Jane Eyre I had no idea that vlog existed… adding it to the list of things I'm wasting, er, spending my time on this summer! (:


  3. I am so glad you're in a better place and you're back! *big hug* Also I noticed that you haven't actually posted anything since this one, so I hope you're still doing okay and I really hope you get back to writing soon because I miss youuuu (says the shitty blogger who still hasn't replied to your last email).


  4. Ha, all good. My reply's pretty late itself. And I am indeed feeling much better 🙂 Thank you for your kind words!

    And yes! Those videos, gah, love them so much! And believe me, it won't be a waste. Hope you enjoy them 😀


  5. Aww *big hug back* (one day we will be able to share an actual hug :D)

    Ha, yeah, haven't posted it in awhile but I've got some stuff planned and hopefully I'll be doing more stuff soon. And yes, I'm doing fine, and I miss talking to you too! Really glad to see more of your posts as well 🙂 (And don't feel pressured about the email, seriously)


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