Would You Be My Literary Valentine? (Fictional Crushing: Part I)

Takes a lot to set my prickly heart aflutter

As everyone knows (everyone who would care to know) one of the many perks of reading is that  you’re bound to stumble upon that one fictional character who manages to set both your heart and the pages aflutter.After awhile, though, you notice that it isn’t just one and that your literary loves stack up at an alarming rate, making both you and those around you begin to question your mental stability. So behold, my disintegrating mental stability collection of literary heart-throbs.

(Yes, I do realize Valentine’s day is come and gone, but you know what? When you have fictional loves like these, everyday is Valentine’s day.)

1) Jesse de Silva from The Mediator series by Meg Cabot

The Mediator series follows the adventures of Suze Simon, snarky, kick-ass and cursed with the ability to see ghosts. But this curse soon transforms into a blessing when she  stumbles across the (very drool-worthy) ghost that inhabits her new bedroom in her new house.

Jesse receives first place for the simple and privileged reason of having been one of my longest and most ardent crushes ever. There were many high school days spent swooning over the gentle-mannered, well-spoken and oh so wonderfully well-read Jesse who supported Suze through her many ghostly adventures, while murmuring Spanish endearments at the most unexpected times. Of course, the fact that he was tall, with dark curls that were always depicted as being thick and luxurious enough to run your fingers through was simply a delightful bonus.

(Jesus Luz; original picture via)

2) Mr. Knightley from Austen’s Emma
Yes, despite Persuasion being my favourite Austen novel, it’s Knightley who snags the very honoured position of being my favourite Austen hero.

True, he doesn’t brood darkly and then write heart-stopping letters like Captain Wentworth; and he many not be prone to grand, romantic gestures like Mr. Darcy, but the allure of Mr. Knightley lies in his easy, yet increasingly sizzling relationship with Emma. Their uncomplicated friendship and obvious respect for each other is something everyone should aspire to (in my very humble opinion). Plus, the snark. Oh Mr. Knightley, you do snark so well.

(Jeremy Northam; original picture via)

3) Sydney Carton from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities
Yes, I managed to fall for this dissipate lounge-about despite the fact that he spent most of the novel in either a drunken stupor or love-induced stupor (and let me tell you, I was not impressed by his choice of simpering beloved). I was, however, very impressed with his knowledge of legal intricacies and his obviously extensive intelligence. I can’t help it – the smart ones really get me. And, oh yeah, there is that whole giving up his life to make his beloved happy thing as well. 

(Original picture via)
4)    Sherlock Holmes from Sir ACD’s Sherlock Holmes
As I said, the smart ones really get me. There’s nothing to be said about Sherlock Holmes that hasn’t already been said. Intensely good at what he does and unfailingly dedicated to his work, he is one of those characters that I started out admiring deeply when I was just a child. And even now, I can’t be sure whether I’m attracted to all that intelligence, or attracted to the idea of being as intelligent as he is. I think it’s a little bit of both. My infatuation with him is probably the same as Watson’s for Holmes – I’d be content to spend my days just observing this man in action and being privy to the mysterious and adventurous world he inhabits.

(Original picture via)

5) Benedick from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

All I can say for this is: duh.

Or maybe, not so duh, because just because I happen to like Beatrice doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to like her counterpart right? Wrong. Well, it wasn’t automatic, but just like Beatrice, I couldn’t help be charmed by Benedick’s snark and his eventual support of her in the whole Hero debacle. Nothing appeals to a girl like you acknowledging that she’s right. I kid, I kid. But the fact that Benedick could tease her so relentlessly, and then be serious when needed certainly raises the appeal factor to the nth degree.  Also Kenneth Branagh with a beard is kinda nice, and lends him a certain dignity. At times.

Disdain would certainly die without you, Benedick (via)
)     6)   Kartik from Libba Bray’sThe Gemma Doyle Trilogy 

       Kartik is the delicious babe who’s sent to first keep tabs on Gemma Doyle and her newly     acquired magic, and afterwards to take her life. There’s nothing like a hint of danger to set a girl’s heart aflutter right? Wrong. You think Disdain can be taken in so easily? Once again, it was good-old reason, and apparently not so common common-sense that Kartik oozed that really sent Disdain’s blood fizzing. I suppose it was only in such emphasis because practically everyone else around him seemed to be acting as stupidly as they possibly could. 

      Not to mention the fact that he’s loyal and so self-less that he ends up being turned into a tree just to spare the heroine’s life. (I know, I was outraged, too. A TREE?!) Also, Indian hottie, hello. How often do you get to see an Indian leading man in Western YA?

(Sendhil Ramamurthy; original picture via)
And what about you, dear readers? Who would you like for your literary Valentine? Because let’s face it, we’ve all spent a considerable amount of time imagining that delightful scenario.  

4 thoughts on “Would You Be My Literary Valentine? (Fictional Crushing: Part I)

  1. I'm a little in shock that I haven't read any of the books these heartthrobs originate from – more material for me to work on, I suppose. I was just thinking about this the other day, and if I had to choose from the oh-so great pool of my fictional crushes, Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments stands out (have you seen Godfrey Gao? my gosh…) And Brian Kinney from QAF of course, though he does not stand in the bookish terrain. Anyway, great post, I love your inclusion of not just explanations but pictures to accompany them.


  2. Really?? Well, then you have a LOT of goodness in store for you.

    Oh my yes! Magnus ahhh. (He'll show up on here inevitably; that's why this is only Part I) I was really disappointed to find that he was only in a smidgen of the movie! And say no more of Godfrey Gao, otherwise I will evaporate into vapour and that won't do wonders for my computer. (Seriously though, his eyes?? And his everything else, but especially his eyes.)

    😀 I had a lot of fun fiddling with the pictures. Thanks for your comment!


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