Stop & Pet the Hydrangeas

You know those days, weeks, sometimes even months, where it seems as if everything is pressing in around you? That no matter which way you turn, there’s something to send your pulse slowly inching upwards, or your skin just crawling at the pressure?

I told myself I would be a bulldozer this year. That no matter what happened I would just push my way through it all, refuse to let the dark clouds in life hover over me too long. Or if they did that I would just push through them anyway, go on as I needed to go on. But sometimes you can’t predict the enormity of those dark clouds – their power or their endurance.

And at those times, you have to look to the little things to make you smile again. Because, often, it’s those pinpricks, those apparent trivialities, that end up amounting to the most relief-inducing moments later.

For me, it’s hydrangeas. Not only does the word itself have a nice ring to it – it’s such a beautiful word, isn’t it? – but just to pet them? Bop them on the petals arranged in that perfect sphere, and to have it bounce a little under your hand? Nothing could be more satisfying.

It can be the longest, most gruelling, why-is-my-bag-so-heavy, and berating myself for the amount of work I didn’t do yet again kind of day, and all of that can be alleviated just by petting the hydrangeas outside the door. They are certainly beautiful to look at, but there’s nothing quite like reaching out to greet them, and have them nod back in return.

For me, it’s hydrangeas. But for you, it could be chrysanthemums. Or the sight of ducks preening each other. Or a new episode of that show that you love. Or perhaps Idris Elba’s squinty-eyed smile. Who knows. Whatever it is, I hope you have your hydrangeas to lift your spirits.


6 thoughts on “Stop & Pet the Hydrangeas

  1. Aw, I love this post! I looked up how to pronounce “hydrangeas” just so I could say it under my breath as I read this. You're right that sometimes it's the little things that can give us the most relief, and it's important to pause every now and then to appreciate them.


  2. I'm glad you do ^_^

    And haha, you're so cute, looking up the pronunciation – I also like the inaccurate pronunciation where it's “hydrangeea” instead of “hydrangia”. It's just a great word.


  3. Wonderful, uplifting post! I agree, hydrangeas are beautiful to see and a nice sounding word as well. You are so right, we can't predict the tough times in our lives, but we can endure, have hope and move on.
    Have a lovely week!


  4. What a terrific post this is and how very inspirational! I love that you wrote “I told myself I would be a bulldozer this year.” That was the attitude I struck back in January and it's been a struggle to uphold at times. But you're absolutely right that we have “to look to the little things that make you smile again.” This is just what I needed to see! 🙂


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