Favourite Summer Things

  • the dots of sunlight that tattoo someone’s skin like constellation as it filters through their straw hats
  • the soporific haze of backyard lounging
  • when days become so hot that even a single glass of cool water starts to feel like heaven
  • the syrupy slow passage of time
  • sounds of revving lawnmowers in the distance
  • smell of freshly mowed grass
  • the sight of untended grass, growing tall enough to become bowing weeds in the warm breeze
  • bees’ nectar-heavy flight between the swaying lavender
  • ginger beer on the couch, back porch, beach, anywhere i can get it
  • unhurried walks to wherever you want
  • cool, whisper soft rain kissing your burning skin
  • urgent downpour rains that seem capable of denting sidewalks
  • sky so defiantly blue that it denies the existence of clouds
  • but also the sky that lets wispy, cotton-candy clouds trails across it
  • the breeze that cools sun-flamed skin with its caress
  • reading under sun-dappled shade

4 thoughts on “Favourite Summer Things

  1. This reads like a wonderful creative writing exercise – may I ask what inspired it? I love the personification of the sky, the use of the word “soporific,” and of course, how you end your list with reading. Hope you are doing well and that your last day of 2015 has been marvelous.

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