Thoughts Left Behind in Second-hand Bookshops


Thoughts like these and many others will persist in clogging up the narrow, book-lined aisles of second-hand bookshops. We barely have room for the books, folks, we can’t have your scatter-brained impulses flooding our book hovel. Unclaimed thoughts will be summarily disposed of. Please do not leave this kind of thing lying around in public:

  • Sweet! Cheap books!
  • My wallet is going to love me!
  • Think of all the books I could take home!
  • Wait. I don’t have have much space left on the shelf.
  • Ok, just one or two. Three, if I find something REALLY good.
  • How is it that every single bookstore has “The Da Vinci Code”?
  • I wonder which of these books belonged to a billionaire?
  • Has a billionaire shopped here?
  • Do billionaires even shop in second-hand bookstores?
  • That just seems unfair.
  • Oh, yet another edition of my favourite title (of which I might already own seven other editions)!


  • I wonder if this shop is a secret entrance to a magical world.
  • How many wizards have been in here?
  • When am I getting my letter to Hogwarts, anyway?
  • Why is that second-hand bookstores never stock any Shirley Jackson?
  • I feel sorry for the neglected books.
  • I wish I could read every book here.
  • But you can’t be everyone’s champion.
  • Does Dan Brown lose sleep over the fact that he is the bane of every second-hand bookshop owner’s existence?
  • Come to think of it, does E.L. James?
  • What if I find the original Shakespeare folio in here?!
  • I could be a billionaire!
  • I wouldn’t have to shop in second-hand bookshops after that.
  • Aw, I’d still come anyway, who can resist the charm?
  • Crap, I bought way more books than I meant to.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts Left Behind in Second-hand Bookshops

  1. Yas, I love the honest stream of consciousness here! I do wonder how second hand bookshops will fare with the rise of technology and the ability to purchase used books on Amazon. They appear to possess a charm for “true” book-lovers, so I hope they can stick around. Hope you are doing well.


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