Celebrating Library Lovers’ Day

Apparently, February 14th not only marks Valentine’s Day, but also Library Lovers’ Day! A day to celebrate any and all things library. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long on this planet and only just stumbled across this piece of information. You don’t understand, ok? I used to sneak off to the library because our teachers didn’t organise enough library visits.

They’re so easy to get lost in, but they’re also the places where you can find a million versions of yourself. You can be alone, and feel like you’re in a roomful of your closest friends. You can be surrounded by people, and disappear into a world of your choosing. Libraries are great!

And in this day and age, they’re also a refuge to many. They provide vital information for refugees and migrants, for people looking to enter the work industry, for homeless folks seeking shelter and a distraction, for parents looking to occupy their children… the list goes on. The value of a library is immeasurable.

So, to commemorate this day, I thought I’d pick some of my favourite fictional libraries:

The Hogwarts library in The Harry Potter Series


This one definitely takes top spot. My brain would probably explode at the thought of setting foot in this magical library. Imagine all the different kinds of books those enchanted walls are housing. It’s not only just books about magic, but the books themselves that are magical. It would make the reading experience all the more exciting. J.K. Rowling gives us hints with the “Monster Book of Monsters” and that shrieking head that explodes from between the pages in Philosopher’s Stone. It only suggests that there must be tons more enigmatical tomes in there for perusal.

The Chrestomanci Castle library in the Chrestomanci Series


I haven’t actually read enough of the Chrestomanci books to become acquainted with this library. However, from what I know of Chrestomanci, and of Diana Wynne Jones, I know that I’d give an arm and a leg to be able to access this library. Chrestomanci castle is the residing place of the Chrestomanci, aka the supervisor of all magic use. It’s basically the hubbub of all magical happenings, from discussions of magical theory to adventurous romps. The library probably houses all the everything from educational tomes, to magically entertaining reads.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities’ library from The Mummy


This film is a personal favourite, despite all its cheesy lines, and slapstick comedy. Or perhaps, because of it? In any case, the library/museum/archives that Evie works in at the start is a beautiful structure housing thousands of texts. It is a little chilling to watch Evie knock over the majority of the shelves, though,and I pity whoever had to clean up after her.

The Pemberley library from Pride and Prejudice


Darcy may be a snob, but he certainly has good taste, as evidenced by the subdued elegance of his estate, and, of course, by his choice of wife. As is mentioned in the novel, the Pemberley library has been many generations in the making, and Darcy himself says that “It ought to be good.” Despite Lizzie’s prickly assertion that they couldn’t possibly share reading tastes, I’m sure she’ll find something of interest following her marriage to its owner.

The Beast’s library from Beauty and the Beast


Who hasn’t seen this scene and not fantasised about being given full reign to explore it? It’s sheer expansiveness is enough to make your fingers itch to explore the shelves. You could get lost in it for days.

Jay Gatsby’s library in The Great Gatsby


This is the perfect library for a hermit, because no one ever goes in there. Guaranteed, libraries are meant to be shared by all, and I’m all for that. But some days you enter extreme hermit mode and this is exactly what you need. Especially when you happen to find yourself at a monstrosity of a party where everyone is beyond drunk, beyond ridiculous, and you need to find a quiet refuge.

What are some of your favourite libraries?


Procrastination Station

   Sometimes bad things happen. Such as having an existential crisis, and not being able to solve it. Or close friends drifting apart. Or me procrastinating. But I’m happy to report that (in the last case, at least) the truth that good things can come out of bad things still holds weight. 

   Wait, what’s that? 

   You want proof? 

   Oh ok. 


“On a dull afternoon”, via

   Isn’t this just perfect? I think I might have half-shrieked when I first came across it. It’s a brilliant rendition of the 21B Baker St interior as seen on BBC Sherlock. You should click on the link if you want to appreciate the awesomeness in its detailed entirety. It looks so painstakingly detailed, I can’t imagine the hours it must have taken to complete it. All I know is that it’s beautiful and that I’ve been sobbing at the screen wishing I could draw just as well.

   Ah, yes Beatrice and Benedick. The ultimate couple to rule them all. They are my absolute favorite from the romantic couples of the past, the romantic couples of the present, and the romantic couples yet to come. They are so incredibly witty, and the only downside to Much Ado About Nothing is that they didn’t get more ‘screen’ time. Or page time. I could watch them banter all day. 

   Until I saw this picture, I had no idea she was playing Miss Havisham! But I checked IMDB and apparently it’s true. IMDB never lies. And Ralph Fiennes is playing Magwitch! And Robbie Coltrane (aka Hagrid – sorry, Potter fangirl busting through) is playing Jaggers, who happens to be my favorite character in the entire novel. Although I was weirdly attracted to him so it makes it even weirder that ‘Hagrid’ will be playing him. So maybe it’s not such a good thing after all. Ahem.

   My favorite variation on this meme so far. Look at Aunt Petunia’s expression – I couldn’t stop chuckling for ages.

   And this picture is just for old times sake. I’ve been flicking through the Harry Potter books and feeling the undeniable pangs of nostalgic longing. I will always love these books and I don’t think I will ever stop loving them. Also, these two people were perfectly cast as Dumbledore and McGonagall and I’m loving the atmosphere of this photo. I just want to walk through that picture and into that castle. And possibly give Dumbledore a big bear hug. Maybe that’s why McGonagall’s got that withering expression on.


   This picture has befuddled my brain. All I can do now is point and grunt. Why is that you always see pictures of places like this but never the actual places themselves? It’s sadistic, that’s what it is. Just look at those couches, and those beautiful brown shelves, and correct me if I’m wrong but there are even shelves over the cabinet thing. Books everywhere! And the whole room looks like chocolate. No wonder I’m an unintelligible mess. 

     Lady Disdain
p.s. the two Harry Potter pictures were 29knutstoasickle.tumblr.com